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Canadian Football Programs



To aid recent and upcoming Midget Football League graduates interested in joining a university or junior football program, below are a listing of Canadian football programs for players over the age of 17.


These listings include programs offered by the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS), Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL), and Quebec Junior Football League (QJFL). 


In the province of Manitoba, the Manitoba Major Football League (MMFL) is also available to club football players 18 to 22 years of age.  Please view the MMFL's website for more information.





Canada West








 Prairie Football Conference

B.C. Football Conference

Ontario Football Conference


Quebec Junior Football League




All contact information published in this section of the website is publicly available on various CIS/CJFL/QJFL websites.  As this information may change at any time without notice, it is recommended that players/parents interested in contacting any of the above football programs visit that program's website for the most up-to-date information. 



Important Tips and Facts about Recruiting and Scholarships

Quoted from Football B.C. / 2010-11-17


- You do NOT have to pay to get scouted or recruited.  Contact the school of your choice, ask what information they need, create a highlight video.  YOU are your biggest salesperson and fan.  Any program that is prompting you to pay for exposure is making money off of YOU.

- Your coach MAY be able to help you make connections, but very few community or high school coaches have the time, knowledge, resources or contacts to effectively get you recruited.

- Parents should be a part of the recruiting process but remember that they are not the ones being recruited.  99% of parents go through the recruiting process for the first time with their child.  Therefore, questions and information are the keys to a positive recruiting experience.


- All CIS schools are permitted to offer financial assistance either in the form of athletic awards (not exceeding the cost of tuition and fees) or academic awards, or both.  Most universities have alumni awards and other bursaries available to athletes.

- Not all NCAA schools offer scholarships.  Only Div. I & II plus some NAIA schools offer athletic scholarships.  Div. III schools do NOT offer athletic scholarships, but may give aid up to the cost of attendance based on financial need and not associated with athletic ability.

- DO NOT BELIEVE anyone who PROMISES to get you a scholarship in the NCAA, NAIA or CIS.  The ONLY person that can give you a scholarship is the Head Coach of the university.

- Make sure that you gain the correct information about what you must do in order to qualify for a scholarship.  You must know all the rules and regulations.  Talk to someone who really knows.


- All athletes pursuing NCAA opportunities must be registered with the NCAA clearinghouse and complete the SAT.

- Always remember that you are NOT a high prospect being recruited by the NCAA until you are offered an Official Visit or asked to give a verbal commitment followed by the signing of a National Letter of Intent.