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Constitution & By-Laws


Amendments to the constitution of the Midget Football League of Manitoba (MFLM) can only be made at the Annual General Meeting with a two-thirds vote.  Any by-law may be amended at any league meeting by a majority vote subject to a quorum being present.





As amended February 2016
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 As amended January 2016 
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Special League Rules (2011 Season)


Canadian Amateur Football Association rules shall be the rules of play unless over-ridden by Midget Football League of Manitoba constitution, by-law or ordinary motion made at a regular Midget Football of Manitoba meeting.


1. All game ejections are to be written on the game sheet before the team representative receives them. This way the Midget League can deal with any further suspensions (which may be necessary) as soon as possible.

"If the referee assesses a game ejection he must inform both head coaches or team benches and the timekeeper before play can resume. Any member of the team bench (manager, coach, player, trainer, etc.) who is ejected from a league game, exhibition game, or play-off game, shall be suspended for his next league or play-off game. Any second or further offence, the member shall be suspended indefinitely, subject to the discretion of the League Officers." (By-Law 5)

2. Game officials can impose a "time-out" penalty at their discretion and must inform both teams. The time-out is to be used to allow a player time to cool-off. The time-out has to be for three plays only. A player can only receive one time-out per game. (By-Law 5)

3. During special teams plays (punts, field goals and converts), the centre shall not be touched by a defensive player until the centre has had adequate time to assume a full blocking position with head and shoulders square. Penalty for this infraction shall be "Unnecessary Roughness".

4. Referee and game officials shall remain on the field after the game in order to monitor the customary handshaking by the players. Referees can impose a game suspension for the following game to any player or coach for unsportsmanlike or disorderly conduct during this after-game period. (By-Law 5)

5. If a team is 30 minutes late it shall be deemed to have defaulted the game by a score of 1-0. (By-Law 7)

6. If a game in progress is canceled for any reason (except unsportsmanlike conduct or any other rowdy behaviour by participants or fans) by the officials, the score will be as follows:

• If less than two full quarters have been played, the game will be recorded as a 1-1 tie;
• If two full quarters have been played, the score will stand as of the time of cancellation;
• In both cases, all points scored by individual players will be recorded.

The officials may delay a game in progress at their discretion for up to an hour for thunderstorms, heavy rain, ambulance, etc. (By-Law 16)

7. Any player may perform the long-snap irrespective of jersey number as long as he reports to the head official and becomes ineligible to catch the ball. (By-Law 17)

8. When the score differential in the game reaches 30+ points, the losing team’s Head Coach will be asked if he/she wishes the clock to convert to running time.  If the Head Coach says:

a) Yes
          i.  The clock will convert to Running Time until such a time that the score differential becomes less than 30 points.

b) No
         i. The game continues using regular timekeeping procedures until the Head Coach indicates otherwise.  The Head Coach will be given further opportunity to indicate his/her choice for Running Time when:

•  A change of score occurs (for either team) where the point differential remains 30 points or more.
•  A timeout is taken by either team.
•  A team captain from the losing team indicates to the Head Referee that his/her Head Coach wishes to request running time.  (By-Law 18)

9. The home team at all games shall have first choice at the start of the game regarding choice of end, kicking, receiving, or deferment. (By-Law 19)

10. Play-offs: In the event of a tie at the end of regulation play, the following format will be followed:

a) A mini-game consisting of two 5-minute halves with the last minute of each half being stopped time.
b) Each team will be allowed one time-out per half.
c) Play will be determined by a coin toss at the commencement of the mini-game.
d) If the game continues to be tied after the mini-game, a shoot-out format will ensue. After a coin toss, a team will have 3 downs to score from the 10 yard line, followed by the opposition's opportunity to respond. The process will be repeated until a winner is declared. (By-Law 10)

11. If there is a game ejection or other serious incident the head official must fill out an incident report immediately after the game before the teams leave.

12. Players shall be permitted to wear jerseys numbered "0" or "00" and shall be considered eligible receivers.

13. Each quarter of regulation playing time shall be 15 minutes in duration.

14. The halftime intermission shall be 12 minutes in duration.